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Tooth Extractions

A variety of reasons can necessitate a tooth extraction, from a crowded mouth to a decaying tooth that jeopardizes the health of your mouth. At Silver Lake Family Dental, we understand that the process of a tooth extraction can seem rather intimidating, so we aim to make every patient who comes in for this procedure feel at ease and thoroughly informed.

Patients who undergo an extraction will be given a local anesthetic, although in some instances a stronger sedative might be necessary for your comfort. Once the tooth is removed, you may be given a few small stitches to aid in your recovery and healing.

While the procedure is rather straightforward, it’s crucial that you take proper care of your mouth following a tooth extraction to promote proper healing. Eating soft foods and resting will be crucial, as well as following a variety of other postoperative directions that you will receive.

Once your mouth has healed, there may be the potential for replacing the gap with a dental implant or a bridge. Our highly skilled doctors will discuss your options with you to create a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses every need from start to finish.

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